Three Sisters AKA San zimei (2012) Bing Wang

Three sisters live alone in a small village family house in the high mountains of the Yunan region. Their parents are nowhere to be seen. The three little girls send their days working in the fields or wondering in the village. As their aunt finds difficult to provide food to the girls, the father returns to the village. He has come to take the girls with him to the city but he then agrees to leave the older one under the supervision of her grandfather.

Also Known As (AKA): Les trois soeurs du Yunnan, Allein in den Bergen von Yunnan, Tre sorelle, Três Irmãs


File Name : San zimei 2012.mkv
File Size : 5120.13 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 02:33:10

Quality: WEBRip
Language: Mandarin
Subs: English (hardcoded)
Genre: Documentary

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