Movie Request

Rules of Requests:

1 – Search existing database here.

2 – Maximum 2 requests, new or re-post.

3 – For new requests, include Title & IMDB link.

4 – For re-post (re-upload), include Title & site URL.

5 – No off-topic posts.

6 – Be patient and please do not request again until your previous requests have been posted on website.

7 – Multi Accounts – Ban.

8 – Thanks for your support!

Chat for requests:

The way it works is like this:
The “Maximum 2” counts until your request has been posted – or until the next “shut down” if it can not be posted.
What I call “shut down” is when @rarefilm closes the chat for requests – and then later opens again with a list of which new requests can be posted.

So when the chat is opened again your status is this:
1. Your re-up requests have been reset to 0 (they have either been posted or can not be posted).
2. If your new request(s) are on the list then they count. If they are not on the list then new requests are also reset.

So at any time you can have a maximum of 2 unanswered requests.


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