Genet à Chatila (1999) Richard Dindo, Mounia Raoui, Leila Shahid, Jean-François Stévenin

A documentary about the French writer Jean Genet and his relations with the Palestinian revolution. One day after the September 1982 massacre at the refugee camp of Shatila in Beirut, Genet visits the camp. Suffering from throat cancer and having written nothing in years, Genet begins to write on the threshold of his death about this disturbing new experience. It leads to his last book, entitled “Un captif amoureux” in which Genet reflects on the Palestinian revolution, its defeat, and the loss of one’s homeland. In this film a young French woman of Algerian origin who is reading the book returns to the landscapes of the Palestinian resistance and the refugee camps full of exiles, in search of Genet.


File Name : genet.a.chatila.2000.mkv
File Size : 1088.91 MB
Resolution : 700×568 @ 746×568
Duration : 01:34:51
Video : AVC, 25.000 FPS
Audio : MPEG Audio (VBR), 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

Quality: DVDRip
Language: French
Subs: English (hardcoded for non English dialogue)
Country: Switzerland, France
Genres: Documentary

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