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Double Messieurs (1986) Yves Afonso, Carole Bouquet, Jean-François Stévenin, Drama, Comedy

Double Messieurs (1986)
After 25 years, François, a modest businessman, is reunited with his childhood friend Léo, a film double. It’s a reunion which affects both men profoundly, and immediately they discover their adolescent sense of fun. François proposes that they meet up with the third member of their childhood band, Kuntchinski. But when they break into the latter’s house, they are surprised by his wife, Hélène. Unsure what to do, François and Léo make a snap decision to fake an abduction. Hélène hasn’t any other plans, so she plays along with the kidnap…
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L’Homme du Train (2002) Patrice Leconte, Jean Rochefort, Johnny Hallyday, Jean-François Stévenin, Crime, Drama, Thriller

L'Homme du Train (2002)
One evening, a stranger, Milan, arrives in a small French town and enters a pharmacy to buy some aspirin. There, he meets Manesquier, a retired teacher who lives alone in a huge house. Realising he has bought soluble aspirin by mistake, Milan accepts Manesquier’s invitation to his house. Despite their differences, the two men are drawn together by a mutual respect. Milan, a world-weary gangster, would willingly swap his life for Manesquier’s calm retirement. In his turn, Manesquier fancies himself in Milan’s shoes, living a life of danger and adventure. Three days from now both men have to confront death – Manesquier in a heart operation, Milan in a bank raid. Realising how little time is left to them, the two men reflect on the other life they could have had…
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