Cave of Outlaws (1951) William Castle, Macdonald Carey, Alexis Smith, Edgar Buchanan

In 1880s Arizona teenager Pete Carver and a gang rob a train and head for nearby caves to hide the loot. They’re followed by the sheriff’s posse inside the caves where a gunfight kills everyone except for Pete who surrenders to the sheriff. Despite being beaten Pete refuses to tell where the loot is and he’s sent to prison. After his release he returns to the town located nearby the caves. Since the train robbery the caves have become a legend for many who still hope to find the hidden gold. By venturing inside the dangerous caves some even paid with their lives. When Pete arrives in town people know he’s back for the loot. They’re nice to him offering their goods and services to Pete on credit hoping to share in the loot. One such person is local beauty Elizabeth Trent whose husband disappeared in the caves some time ago while searching for the loot. Another person is Wells Fargo detective Dobbs who’s following Pete to retrieve the stolen gold.

Also Known As (AKA): O Segredo da Caverna, La caverne des hors-la-loi, Non cedo alla violenza, Cueva de bandoleros, Die Höhle der Gesetzlosen


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Quality: BRRip
Language: English
Country: United States
Genres: Western

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