The Spider (1931) Kenneth MacKenna, William Cameron Menzies, Edmund Lowe, Lois Moran, El Brendel

The great Chartrand (Edmund Lowe) can make people disappear and his assistant, Alexander, dazzles the crowd with his psychic abilities. A woman, accompanied by her uncle, comes to the show thinking Alexander may be her long lost brother. Suddenly, during the performance, the lights go out and a hand wearing a spider ring fires a gun. The woman’s uncle has been murdered and the amnesiac Alexander is the prime suspect. It is up to Chartrand to find the killer among the audience.

Also Known As (AKA): Spinne im Netz, A Aranha, La araña


File Name : The Spider 1931.avi
File Size : 776.38 MB
Resolution : 624×462
Duration : 00:59:22

Quality: VHSRip
Language: English
Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery, Romance



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