À toi de faire… mignonne (1963) Bernard Borderie, Eddie Constantine, Gaia Germani, Christiane Minazzoli

An FBI agent is murdered just as she discovers some important documents concerning Professor Elmer Whittaker. When the professor goes missing, Lemmy Caution is sent to investigate. A short while later, the professor’s fiancée Géraldine Montevecchio is kidnapped from her hotel. The only clue that Caution has to go on is that Géraldine has been taken to Paris. During the flight to the French capital Caution’s eyes are drawn to a woman who introduces herself as Valérie Pontiac, the owner of a women’s underwear factory in Canada. After meeting his contact in Paris, Henri Grant, Caution is ambushed. The agent realises that Valérie was responsible for this attack and soon learns that she is Carlotta Strasser, who was arrested a few years previously for criminal activities. Arriving at Valérie’s home address, Caution is not surprised to find Henri Grant in her apartment, but he is caught unaware by what happens next…

Also Known As (AKA): L’agente federale Lemmy Caution, E Agora Tu minha Flor, FBI frente a Scotland Yard, Your Turn Darling, Zum Nachtisch blaue Bohnen


File Name : A.toi.de.faire…mignonne.1963.mkv
File Size : 1399.98 MB
Resolution : 704×424 @ 1002×424
Duration : 01:27:13

Quality: DVDRip
Language: French
Subs: None
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

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