The Last Witness AKA Der letzte Zeuge (1960) Wolfgang Staudte, Martin Held, Hanns Lothar, Ellen Schwiers

Courtroom drama about the murder of a four-month-old baby. Police almost immediately arrest the mother Ingrid, who is the mistress of the father, a rich business VIP married to someone else. His position and wealth keep him insulated from suspicion. A hot-shot lawyer must overcome the unaccountably-biased perceptions of the police, the judge, the prosecutor, and almost everyone else in the judicial system. The defense lawyer, driven to an extreme, knows he has to find the real killer or his client will be convicted.

Also Known As (AKA): A Última Testemunha, Le Dernier Témoin, L’ultimo testimone, El último testigo


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Language: German
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Country: West Germany
Genres: Crime

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