The Dolls AKA Le bambole (1965) Mauro Bolognini, Luigi Comencini, Nino Manfredi, Virna Lisi, Elke Sommer

Four different facets of love Italian-style provide the basis of this episodic film.

Also Known As (AKA): As Bonecas, Les poupées, Quatro Casos de Amor, Las cuatro muñecas, Four Kinds of Love, The Doll that Took the Town, Die Puppen

written by Gianni Polidori, directed by Dino Risi.

Luisa . . . . . Virna Lisi
Giorgio . . . . . Nino Manfredi
Armenia . . . . . Alicia Bradet

Miss Lisi is a wife who spends so much time on the phone talking to her mother that her impatient husband, played by Nino Manfredi, finally sneaks out and goes to visit the little cupcake who sun herself on the terrace across the way.

directed by Luigi Comencini.

Ulla . . . . . Elke Sommer
Massimo . . . . . Maurizio Arena
Valerio . . . . . Piero Focaccia

Miss Sommer is a student of eugenics bouncing studiously around Rome looking for the perfect male specimen to be the father of her child, and what she finally settles for is her ardent chauffeur (Piero Focaccia), an Italian Jerry Lewis.

written by Rodolfo Sonego and Luigi Magni, directed by Franco Rossi.

Giovanna . . . . . Monica Vitti
Husband . . . . . John Carlsen
Lover . . . . . Orazio Orlando
Peppe . . . . . DeSimone

Miss Vitti is the faithless wife of a middle-aged, unromantic laborer whom she tries in various ways to have bumped off so she can be with her Marion Brando-type of lover (Orazio Orlando). But the unobliging husband keeps popping up.

written by Leo Benvenuti and Piero de Bernardi, directed by Mauro Bolognini.

Beatrice . . . . . Gina Lollobrigida
Monsignor Arendi . . . . . Akim Tamiroff
Vencenzo . . . . . Jean Sorel

Miss Lollobrigida seduces the secretary of a monsignor by conning the gullible prelate into throwing the young man her way. Akim Tamiroff rants and grunts as the monsignor and Jean Sorel is the colorless young man.


File Name : Le bambole 1965.mkv
File Size : 2023.06 MB
Resolution : 720×552 @ 1022×552
Duration : 01:49:51

Quality: DVDRip
Language: English, Italian (2 tracks)
Subs: English, Italian, Russian (embedded)
Genre: Comedy, Romance

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