Monte Carlo or Bust! (1969) Ken Annakin, Sam Itzkovitch, Bourvil, Lando Buzzanca, Walter Chiari

In an international car rally, competitors must travel from various points in Europe to Monte Carlo, then race their cars. Things are complicated by smuggling, cheating, honor, inventions, medicine, and love at first sight…

Also Known As (AKA): Os Intrépidos Homens em Seus Calhambeques Maravilhosos, Gonflés à bloc, Le rallye de Monte Carlo, Quei temerari sulle loro pazze scatenate, scalcinate carriole, Os gloriosos calhambeques, El rally de Montecarlo y toda su zarabanda de antaño, Monte Carlo and All That Jazz, Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies, Montecarlo Rally, Monte Carlo Rally


File Name : Monte.Carlo.or.Bust.1969.mkv
File Size : 3708.36 MB
Resolution : 1024×436
Duration : 02:04:47

Quality: BRRip
Language: English + commentary
Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

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