The Beautiful Legs of Sabrina AKA Le bellissime gambe di Sabrina (1958) Camillo Mastrocinque, Mamie Van Doren, Antonio Cifariello, Rossana Martini

Sabrina is beautiful, Sabrina has beautiful legs, Sabrina has seven moles on her thigh which form the constellation Ursa Minor, Sabrina is also a thief and the German police know only about these seven moles. Teo is a photographer and is looking for a pair of beautiful legs to participate in a photo contest. Ted’s partner Toni is in love with him; Ted’s other partner Mario is in love with Toni. Teo accidentally takes a photo of Sabrina’s legs in which the famous, sought-after moles are visible. Everyone tries to get something: Sabrina wants her photos back, Teo wants Sabrina’s signature on the authorization to use the photo for the contest, Toni wants Teo’s love, Mario wants Toni’s attention, and Sabrina’s uncle wants help stealing jewelry. In the end, one pair of beautiful legs will win the contest–but whose?

Also Known As (AKA): As Belíssimas Pernas de Sabrina, Mädchen mit hübschen Beinen


File Name : Le.bellisime.gambe.di.Sabrina.1958.avi
File Size : 0.91 GB / 929.73 MB
Resolution : 700×412
Duration : 01:37:13

Quality: DVDRip
Language: Italian
Subs: None
Country: Italy, West Germany
Genres: Comedy, Crime

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