The Bandit of Zhobe (1959) John Gilling, Victor Mature, Anne Aubrey, Anthony Newley

Bandit of Zhobe is what actor Hans Conried once described as a “western in burnoose.” Victor Mature plays the title character, one Kasim Khan. Cutting a swath of terror and pillage through India, Kasim Khan pauses only to romance the romanceable Anne Aubrey. Khan’s principal foes are the British, who have wiped out his family–or so he thinks, until set aright in the final scenes. Anthony Newley co-stars as a comedy-relief British tommy, behaving as though he’s just wandered in from another movie. Bandit of Zhobe was coproduced by Albert Broccoli, on the verge of bigger and better things as one of the mentors of the James Bond series.

Also Known As (AKA): Bandido Sanguinário, La charge du 7ème lanciers, Kasim furia dell’India, Kasim o Bandido, El bandido de Zhobe, Der Bandit von Zhobe


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