The Abnormal Female (1969) George Rodgers, Pamela Berkley, Jeanette Foster, Carol Wilson

The Abnormal Female (1969)
A psychiatrist encourages his female patients to tell him their sexual problems. We see each case in a flashback; Vickie is a sadistic dominatrix who likes to tie up her boyfriend and whip the crap out of him. Sherry is a married woman addicted to “dirty sex” with strangers she picks up for kicks. Kathy,Sherry’s sister is a 15 yo nympho who just cant get enough. Married couple, Fred and Janet enjoy having threesome with lesbian Barbara and sometimes Diana to rekindle their marriage. Barabara starts to look for sexual need with other women when her businessman husband spares less and less time for her.


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Language: English
Genre: Drama, Erotic

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