Rehén de ilusiones (2012) Eliseo Subiela, Daniel Fanego, Romina Ricci, Atilio Pozzobon, Crime, Drama, Romance

Rehen de ilusiones (2011)
Pablo is a 60 years old writer. He meets by chance an ex pupil, Laura. Now, she is an attractive 35 years old woman. She was very much in love with him, when he was her professor at college. Now, she bursts into his life, as a passionate lover. He rediscovers his sexuality and the illusion of being young once more. But Laura seems to suffer a psychotic brake. She feels chased by the porter and militarism from the neighboring barracks. Laura is put in an asylum, but from time to time, Laura will appear and disappear, becoming someone ethereal, like a picture from an unrecoverable youth.

Una historia de amor, compleja, la de un escritor cincuentón con una alumna treintañera, probablemente el último tren que aquel hombre puede tomarse para vivir una pasión intensa. Él sufre una crisis que tiene ver con el pasado y el presente, aunque ella también se siente acorralada por cuestiones emotivas confusas. Persecución o imaginación del escritor, fantasmas del pasado, de los desaparecidos y los militares, durante la dictadura. Los fantasmas acechan la historia todo el tiempo.

Rehen de ilusiones (2011) 3

Rehen de ilusiones (2011) 2

Rehen de ilusiones (2011) 1


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Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance

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