Pollyanna (1920) Paul Powell, Mary Pickford, Wharton James, Katherine Griffith

After the death of her father, Pollyanna, whose credo has always been “Just be glad,” goes to live with her cranky old Aunt Polly. Although Pollyanna wins the townsfolk over with good deeds such as finding a home for the orphaned Jimmie Bean, Aunt Polly remains unmoved, still heartsick over an early romance with the village doctor. One day, in an attempt to save a child, Pollyanna is run over by a car and paralyzed, finally forcing Aunt Polly to realize how much the child means to her. Upon learning that only Dr. Chilton can save the girl, Aunt Polly swallows her pride and goes to her old sweetheart. Chilton restores Pollyanna’s ability to walk as well as Polly’s love, and the whole town rejoices at their good fortune, especially Jimmie Bean, who asks Pollyanna to marry him.


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Genres: Family, Comedy, Drama
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