Malice in Wonderland (1985) Gus Trikonis, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Alexander, Richard Dysart

Struggling actress Hedda Hopper (Jane Alexander) can’t get a break in Hollywood, even though an acquaintance of hers is the extremely powerful gossip monger Louella Parsons (Dame Elizabeth Taylor) – maker and breaker of careers (and lives) through her daily syndicated newspaper column. The big movie moguls, fed up with Parson’s power over their stars, decide to de-claw her by setting up gossip Hopper as a competitor in the rumor industry. What they couldn’t foresee was that Hopper would become as big as Parsons – and every bit as much of a pain. Based on the true life stories of two of the most powerful (and arguably dangerous) women of Hollywood’s heyday.

Also Known As (AKA): Malícia no país das maravilhas, Malice en el país de las maravillas, Das verrückte Hollywood, The Rumor Mill


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