John and Julie (1955) William Fairchild, Colin Gibson, Lesley Dudley, Noelle Middleton

John and Julie are two children, aged about 9 and 6, who live in Dorset. They are told at school that the Coronation of QUeen Elizabeth II will take place the day after tomorrow. Can they go to see the Queen? Well, no, they can’t. They decide to make their own way to London, after all the have an uncle who is a Corporal of Horse in the Household Cavalry; no doubt he will be able to let them see the Queen. They run away and travel ticketless part of the way by train, and a series of misadventures make their journey rather disjointed. Nevertheless they get to London, but the get separated and they can’t find the Uncle. Some kindly adults try to help them, and eventually they are reunited after sleeping out. They go to Knightsbridge Barracks and the kindly Commanding Officer arranges for them to see the procession in the care of a policeman. However Julie falls asleep at the moment when the Queen’s carriage passes, and she is distraught. A second visit to the Commanding Officer makes sure that their Uncle is ordered to take them to the railings of Buckingham Palace. The Queen comes out on to the balcony and Julie’s dream comes true.

Also Known As (AKA): Verliebt in eine Königin, Le voyageur sans billet, Uma Aventura em Londres


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Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Genres: Family, Comedy
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