Der Al Capone von der Pfalz (1987) Theo Berger, Peter Fleischmann, Bernhard Kimmel

This is one of the two exceptional documentaries about Bernhard Kimmel, who was in the headline of German newspaper’s in the 1950s because of spectacular robberies and burglaries. In 1961 he was sent to prison for 14 years, but released already in 1970. His attempt to live virtuously fails. During a burglary he kills a policeman and in 1982, he is sentenced to life imprisonment. Peter Fleischmann describes a life between Robin Hood fame and prison which also reflects a forgotten chapter of German postwar history.


File Name : Der Al Capone von der Pfalz.avi
File Size : 943.19 MB
Resolution : 640×464
Duration : 01:26:01

Quality: DVDRip
Language: German
Subs: English (idx/sub files)
Genre: Documentary

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