Britannia Mews AKA The Forbidden Street (1949) Jean Negulesco, Dana Andrews, Maureen O’Hara, Sybil Thorndike

In Victorian London, Adalaide Culver (Maureen O’Hara, loves and marries an art teacher Gilbert Lauderdale (Dana Andrews) and lives in poverty with him until he dies in an accident. A street harridan known as The Sow (Sybil Thorndike) blackmails Adalaide, claiming she is a murderer. A young barrister, Henry Lambert (Dana Andrews) , who looks like her late husband, comes along with legal advice. It must have been good advice, as later they fall in love and devise a puppet show that is a big success, and that brings Adalaide to a reunion with her estranged family and marriage to the man who looks like her deceased husband.

Also Known As (AKA): Rua Proibida, La strada proibita, Affairs of Adelaide


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Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance

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