Berlin-Stettin (2009) Volker Koepp

The director revisits places of his own past. Born in 1944 in Stettin (now the Polish city of Szczecin) and grown up in Berlin-Karlshorst, he has met and turned numerous people and locations between the two cities into the protagonists of his films. Now, he returns to them to find out more about the history of this region, and how much of his own life has overlapped with the lives of his protagonists.


File Name : Berlin Stettin2009.mkv
File Size : 1.6 GB / 1639.81 MB
Resolution : 720×576 @ 1024×576
Duration : 01:50:19

Quality: DVDRip
Language: German
Subs: English (embedded)
Country: Germany
Genres: Documentary

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