Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1955) Edward Buzzell, Rory Calhoun, Piper Laurie, Jack Carson

Harold North, public relations director of the Post conglomerate and watchdog of the company’s president, Kenneth Post, III, tells the story of how Ken’s head was turned from business to pleasure: While piloting back to San Francisco from another successful business trip, daredevil and former playboy Ken flies the plane under the Golden Gate Bridge, terrifying Hal. They head straight to a company board meeting, at which an inventor demonstrates his newest television attachment, which allows viewers to zoom in on individuals during live programs. Less interested in the technology than in the beautiful entertainer on the screen, Sarah Hatfield, Ken visits her nightclub immediately after work, followed by a concerned Hal. After the show, Hal goes backstage to offer Sarah a date with Ken, and once she learns that he is rich, she accepts. Sarah’s frankness charms Ken, who dances with her until the club closes. Although she tries to shake off Hal, he follows the two back to Sarah’s apartment, where she and Ken are both surprised by the passion of their goodnight kiss. Soon, Sarah and Ken are dating regularly, enjoying rowdy baseball games and other blue-collar entertainments. After weeks of such dates, Sarah brings Ken to eat oysters on a friend’s boat, and in the moonlight he asks her to marry him. When Ken reveals his plans to Hal, his friend insists that Sarah cares only about Ken’s money, but Ken will not listen. They are married in Las Vegas, and soon afterward, Ken throws a society party to introduce Sarah. There, Ken’s former girlfriend Patricia Beaton sparks Sarah’s jealousy, but little else tempers her straightforwardness. While most of the guests are horrified by Sarah’s ability to play pool and tend bar, Ken’s playboy cousin Piermont Rogers adores her. Ken has invited Sarah’s chorus-girl friends, and after Pat urges them all to perform, the socialites are further appalled. Later that week, Pat arranges for two sailors to make a pass at Sarah during a luncheon, and after Sarah throws food at them, the newspapers print the story on the first page. Later, Hal lectures her to become more refined or risk losing Ken’s love, so Sarah hires Piermont to teach her the ways of the upper class. Soon, however, Ken complains to Hal that Sarah spends so much time at her art, piano, and opera lessons that they no longer have any fun. One night while Sarah hosts a seminar, Ken attends a baseball game alone, and after Pat follows him there, the two stay out for hours. When he returns home, Sarah, who watched the game on television and saw him in the audience with Pat, throws food at him, earning another front-page story. Within days, Sarah moves out and visits Hal, where she breaks down in tears and returns her diamond engagement ring. Finally realizing that she truly loves Ken, Hal rushes to repair some of the damage he has wrought, secretly informing Ken where Sarah will be staying while she awaits the divorce. Ken and Hal rush to that lodge ahead of her, and Hal turns off the heaters, hoping the freezing temperatures will force the couple to share a bed. However, Sarah show up with Piermont, and a furious Ken assumes she has come for a romantic tryst. Forced to stay on after her car breaks down, Sarah fights with Ken all night over the hotel’s few blankets and finally sinks into a lobby chair to sleep. Just then, Ken comes downstairs and, not realizing that Sarah can hear him, reveals to Piermont that he loves Sarah and wants only for her to be the same fun-loving rebel she has always been. Sarah races to her old nightclub, leaving word for Ken to follow her. There, he watches her perform a song about her devotion to him, and when Hal shows up later, he finds Sarah and Ken already kissing joyfully.

Also Known As (AKA): Perdoa-me, Amor, La danseuse et le milliardaire, Non è peccato, Milionário à Vista


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Genres: Comedy, Musical, Romance
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