Your Money or Your Wife (1960) Anthony Simmons, Donald Sinden, Peggy Cummins, Richard Wattis

Donald Sinden and Peggy Cummins co-star as Pelham and Gay Butterworth in this routine comedy about a married couple whose hopes of acquiring an instantaneous fortune are suddenly dashed. When Gay finds out she is going to get a huge inheritance, the young couple go on a spending spree. Just a tad late, she also learns that the inheritance will be doled out one week by one paltry week — unless her husband dies or they divorce. After all else fails, the couple decide to divorce and then remarry later, quietly — but even this plan suddenly hits an unexpected hitch.


File Name : Your Money Or Your Wife 1960.mkv
File Size : 1354.82 MB
Resolution : 720×588 @ 766×588
Duration : 01:27:29

Quality: DVDRip
Language: English
Genre: Comedy



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