Woman of Evil AKA Le diable souffle (1947) Edmond T. Gréville, Charles Vanel, Jean Chevrier, Héléna Bossis

In the Basque country, near the French/Spanish border, the wind, Tramontana, almost never stops blowing and howling; Laurent, a misanthropist who has seen it all before, lives on a small island in the middle of a river with his mistress, Louvaine, a failed piano player, and his servant, Pepita, secretly in love with him ,who hates that “painted woman”. Shortly afterward, laurent fires her and her half-wit son. Louvaine becomes seriously ill. A former prisoner, a Republican escaped from general Franco’s jails, who has taken refuge in Laurent’s barn, tells him that his woman must be operated for appendicitis: as no boat can reach the island, he urges him to let him perform the operation with makeshift means.


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Resolution : 984×720
Duration : 01:28:12

Quality: HDTVRip
Language: French
Subs: English (srt)
Country: France
Genres: Drama

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