Toward Jerusalem (1991) Ruth Beckermann, Niki Kunz

In this documentary road movie, Austrian filmmaker Ruth Beckermann records the diverse views and activities of Israelis and Arabs as she travels along the route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Beckermann’s subjects offer a dramatic range of candid opinions about Arab-Jewish relations, immigration, the intifada, religion, and the economy. The film moves from the lights of Tel Aviv discos to the immigrant housing of Ethiopians to the burial site of Samuel the Prophet, capturing the voices and vistas of contemporary Israeli culture and politics.

Also Known As (AKA): Nach Jerusalem


File Name : Nach.Jerusalem.1990.1080p.mkv
File Size : 3704.45 MB
Resolution : 1440×1080
Duration : 01:26:58

Quality: WEBRip
Language: German, Hebrew, English, French, Arabic
Subs: English, French, German (embedded)
Genre: Documentary

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