The Peek Snatchers (1965) Joseph P. Mawra, Penny Damore, Judy Kelly, Carol Raye

Two knuckleheads discover a rinky-dink machine that can “see all over the world.” This clever device allows them (and us!) to watch exotic dancers from around the globe (or more likely, the next room!) The fellas haplessly “tune” into a bullfight and sultry dance routine by TONI KAROLE and DICK RICHARDS in Mexico; a Middle Eastern belly dancer; PENNY DAMONE, a silver-clad cowgirl (who uses her knockers as a hat rack!); PRINCESS MING CHU, a dragon lady who sings a traditional Oriental song before removing her native garb; and most shocking of all, JUDY KELLY, a snake charmer who tangles with two giant boa constrictors, then gleefully sticks one’s head in her mouth! No she didn’t just do that!


File Name : The Peek Snatchers.avi
File Size : 894.58 MB
Resolution : 692×468 @ 628×468
Duration : 01:14:34

Quality: DVDRip
Language: English
Genre: Drama



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