The Octopus AKA La piovra (1984) Damiano Damiani, Remo Girone, Patricia Millardet, Michele Placido

Commissioner Corrado Cattani has been transferred from Rome and appointed deputy police chief in a small town in Sicily, after his predecessor is killed by the mafia. Cattani’s investigation soon interferes with local mafia groups, who try to influence him to no avail. Eventually, the mafia decides to kidnap his daughter Paola, and this proves to be Cattani’s breaking point.

Also Known As (AKA): La Mafia, Allein gegen die Mafia, O Polvo


File Name : La piovra 1.1.mkv
File Size : 0.89 GB / 916.38 MB
Resolution : 706×576 @ 752×576
Duration : 01:02:59

File Name : La Piovra 1.2.mkv
File Size : 0.83 GB / 852.64 MB
Resolution : 708×576 @ 754×576
Duration : 00:58:37

File Name : La Piovra 1.3.mkv
File Size : 0.88 GB / 906.13 MB
Resolution : 708×574 @ 754×574
Duration : 01:02:19

File Name : La Piovra 1.4.mkv
File Size : 0.96 GB / 983.15 MB
Resolution : 708×574 @ 754×574
Duration : 01:07:35

File Name : La Piovra 1.5.mkv
File Size : 0.98 GB / 1005.86 MB
Resolution : 708×576 @ 754×576
Duration : 01:09:09

File Name : La Piovra 1.6.mkv
File Size : 1.01 GB / 1034.36 MB
Resolution : 702×574 @ 750×574
Duration : 01:11:10

Quality: DVDRip
Language: Italian
Subs: English (embedded)
Country: Italy, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Sweden
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

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