The Millennial Rapture AKA Sennen no yuraku (2012) Kôji Wakamatsu, Tomori Abe, Tanroh Ishida, Arata Iura

Shingu, a coastal village in Wakayama Prefecture, early 20th century. Midwife Oryu (Terajima Shinobu), who is married to the monk Reijo (Sano Shiro), is summoned to deliver Hanzo, the son of Tomi, while Tomi’s husband Nakamoto Hikonosuke dies in a nearby shed after being stabbed by a woman he ran off with. In ancient times the noble Nakamoto family was cursed and victimised as traitors, and its members now believe the men have a curse of infidelity and faithlessness – the “Nakamoto Curse” – hanging over them. Many years later, on her deathbed, Oryu recalls the stories of three young men of the Nakamoto family. First, there was the adult Hanzo (Kora Kengo) who, after being abandoned by Tomi when he was five, was raised by distant relatives and friends. He was sent to work in the steel mills of Osaka after being discovered in an affair with a married woman, Kane. Finally he returned home, with a wife, Yukino, but found he couldn’t escape the “curse”. Then, after WW2, there was his cousin, Kuwahara Miyoshi (Takaoka Sosuke), a drug-taking layabout and womaniser, who joined up with two thieves to rob a house. And finally, there was Tatsuo (Sometani Shota), Miyoshi’s cousin.

Also Known As (AKA): Mille anni di estasi


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Genre: Drama

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