The Hope Diamond Mystery (1921) Stuart Paton, Grace Darmond, Harry Carter, George Chesebro

The true story of Lord Francis Hope who inherits the Hope Diamond and marries showgirl May Yohe. Lord Francis Hope gambles away the family fortune and May Yohe leaves him. Another suspected curse of owning the Hope Diamond.

Also Known As (AKA): The Romance of the Hope Diamond


01. Hope Diamond Mystery.mkv 17:48
02. Vanishing Hand.mkv 16:14
03. Forged Note.mkv 18:48
04. Jewel Of Sita.mkv 12:36
05. A Virgins Love.mkv 20:55
06. House Of Terror.mkv 22:21
07. Flames Of Despair.mkv 16:50
08. Yellow Whisperings.mkv 19:40
09. Evil Eye.mkv 16:44
10. In The Spiders Web.mkv 17:14
11. Cup Of Fear.mkv 16:32
12. Ring Of Death.mkv 16:48
13. Lash Of Hate.mkv 21:44
14. Primitive Passions.mkv 19:20
15. An Island Of Destiny.mkv 19:51
Bonus.mkv 1:16

File Size : 2.94 GB (in 16 files)
Resolution : 720×480 ~> 720×540
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English intertitles
Genre: Action, Adventure

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