The Heart of Hiroshima AKA Ai to shi no kiroku (1966) Koreyoshi Kurahara, Sayuri Yoshinaga, Tetsuya Watari, Izumi Ashikawa

One morning, Kazue (Sayuri Yoshinaga) is about to knocked over by a motorbike in front of the music instrument shop where she works and breaks all the records she is carrying. The driver of the motorbike, Yukio, works at a printing company. Two immediately become close after the accident and they start meeting each other each day. But Iwai, Yukio’s foster parent, is concerned knowing that he’s in love. Yukio, who got radiation poisoning when he was four years old, lost his parents and has started showing symptoms and was previously hospitalized in a Genbaku hostipal for radiation survivors. Unfortunately, nobody knows when the symptoms will return. One day, Yukio passes out from anemia while working, and that night, he says goodbye to Kazue. A couple of days later, at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Yukio tells her of his destiny. But Kazue passionately encourages him. After he is again hospitalized, Kazue visits him each day, willing his recovery.


File Name : The Heart of Hiroshima 1966.mkv
File Size : 1261.05 MB
Resolution : 712×344 @ 844×344
Duration : 01:32:11

Quality: DVDRip
Language: Japanese
Subs: English (srt)
Genre: Drama

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