The Deserter and the Nomads (1968) Juraj Jakubisko, Mikulás Ladizinský, Jana Stehnová, Augustín Kubán

Through a variety of film styles that provide a surrealistic sensory overload, Slovak director Juraj Jakubisko provides three war stories that treat the fragility of the humankind through different approaches, with Death as a common denominator appearing in all stories. In the first chapter (WWI), a gypsy deserts the army to return to his town for a wedding. To protect himself, he dresses up as a woman. However, the Hussars spot him, unleashing violent confrontations in the village. In the second chapter (WWII), Russian partisans kill an old man suspected of being a German spy. The news that the war is over scatters. Celebrations begin. But a German unit is unaware of this, and stumbles upon the celebration. In the third chapter (Post-Apocalyptic Nuclear Holocaust), two survivors begin an extensive search for other remaining people, but Death seeks them out too.

Also Known As (AKA): Zbehovia a pútnici, Il disertore e i nomadi, Deserters and Pilgrims


File Name : Zbehovia A Putnici 1968 CD1.avi
File Size : 712.76 MB
Resolution : 704×528
Duration : 00:50:01

File Name : Zbehovia A Putnici 1968 CD2.avi
File Size : 703.02 MB
Resolution : 704×528
Duration : 00:49:15

Quality: TVRip
Language: Slovak
Subs: English (srt)
Genre: Drama, War



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