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Un Air de Famille / Family Resemblances (1996) Cédric Klapisch, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Catherine Frot, Comedy

Un Air de Famille (1996)
Whilst his brother Philippe is making a name for himself as a high-flying company executive, Henri has to content himself with running the saloon bar he inherited from his father. His sister, Betty, is a tear-away feminist who, to her mother’s chagrin, still hasn’t settled down and started a family, despite being 30 – although she has been having a clandestine relationship with Henri’s barman, Denis. The family come together one Friday evening to celebrate the birthday of Philippe’s wife, Yolande – just as Henri hears the news that his wife is leaving him. The soirée soon turns into a nightmare as the siblings and their matriarchal mother start an interminable round of bickering, each seemingly incapable of responding to the others’ personal crises…
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