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Pas douce (2007) Jeanne Waltz, Isild Le Besco, Lio, Steven de Almeida, Drama

Pas douce (2007)
A young woman, Frédérique, finds herself alone in a deserted forest. It is the perfect place to commit suicide. But she is disturbed by two teeange boys and instinctively pulls her rifle on them. The bullet intended for herself ends up seriously wounding one of the boys. As she flees the scene of the shooting, Frédérique’s first thought is to give herself up. But then she changes her mind. No one saw her fire the gun. And who would suspect her, a 24-year-old nurse? But fate takes a cruel twist when the boy she shot, Marco, is taken to the hospital where she works. It is she who has to treat him and ensure that he recovers from his near-fatal injuries. How will Marco react when he discovers that she is the one who almost killed him?
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Roberto Succo (2001) Cédric Kahn, Stefano Cassetti, Isild Le Besco, Patrick Dell’Isola, Biography, Crime, Drama

Roberto Succo (2001)
‘Kurt’ claims to be a sales rep. He also claims to be English in spite of his heavy Italian accent. Kurt is an habitual liar and a dangerous driver, at the very least. In the south of France he meets Léa, age 16. Between his increasingly strange dates with Léa, Kurt engages in a number of armed robberies, some successful, some not… The police are perplexed by a series of crimes including disappearances and a murder. They conclude that they are dealing with a madman… After he proposes, Léa breaks up with Kurt. The attempt to find a new girlfriend leads to a shooting by Kurt, now calling himself André. Léa’s information identifies Kurt/André as Roberto Succo, psychiatric patient and parental murderer. The police hunt for Roberto covers three countries.
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