Siege of Terror AKA Cerco de terror (1972) Luis Marquina, Libertad Leblanc, Tony Kendall, Carlos Piñar

At the Grand Hotel in Miami, Carla falls into the arms of her husband, the eminent Dr. Warren, and confesses to having seen Nick, the man he killed in New York, at the airport – Carla was a nightclub dancer. New York and Nick’s lover. Later, Warren accidentally discovered the real reason why Carla agreed to marry him: a combination with Nick, who plot his death and the enjoyment of his inheritance. The pain arouses Warren’s thirst for blood, strange events appear that will force Detective Andrew to intervene.

Also Known As (AKA): Corruption, Poseída


File Name : Cerco de Terror.1972.mkv
File Size : 1.04 GB / 1068.87 MB
Resolution : 732×566
Duration : 01:30:57

Quality: WEBRip
Language: Spanish
Subs: English (embedded)
Country: Spain, Italy
Genres: Horror, Thriller

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