Private Crimes AKA Delitti privati (1993) Sergio Martino, Edwige Fenech, Ray Lovelock, Victoria Vera

The story, set in Lucca, sees the death of a businessman, Marco Pierboni, killed in the garden of his villa outside the city, even if the body is found near the factory who ran while a young girl studying in a conservatory, Sandra Durani, disappears and is later found dead near the bank of the river Serchio as a witness of the murder. At the same time begin to circulate in the city a series of anonymous letters, creating a climate of suspicion in the investigation that involves some people who direct and those who only marginally so far were above all suspicion, and even a third is killed person, Paolo Roversi, a friend of Sandra who was looking for items to be acquitted of double murder.

Also Known As (AKA): Mord in der Toskana, Wer rächt meine Tochter


File Name : Delitti privati 1993_1.avi
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Resolution : 704×536
Duration : 01:23:05

File Name : Delitti privati 1993_2.avi
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File Name : Delitti privati 1993_3.avi
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Duration : 01:23:30

File Name : Delitti privati 1993_4.avi
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Resolution : 704×536
Duration : 01:23:28

Quality: TVRip
Language: Italian
Subs: None
Country: Italy
Genres: Mystery

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