Nightfall (1999) Fred Kelemen, Adolfo Assor, Thomas Baumann, Isa Hochgerner

Not everyone might know the directorial work of Fred Kelemen, though his name may be recognizable to some as Bela Tarr’s cinematographer on The Man from London. But they should. With his deliberate long takes, his submerged, despairing characters, and his focus on haunted urban milieus at night, he might have become the darling of the 90s arthouse circuit had his films found better distribution. Overcoated wanderers, sad-sack nightclub singers, alcoholics… at first glance, Kelemen’s characters and plotlines (such as they are) might seem cliché, but his unique shooting style, with its dark shadows, intense grain, and drunkenly wandering camera movements, creates an otherworldly atmosphere that feels sui generis. All his films seem to take place on some distant planet that bears a passing resemblance to Central Europe.

Also Known As (AKA): Abendland, Galgenblume, No País do Sol Poente


File Name : Nightfall (part 1).avi
File Size : 754.95 MB
Resolution : 640×400
Duration : 01:12:17

File Name : Nightfall (part 2).avi
File Size : 742.06 MB
Resolution : 640×480
Duration : 01:07:54

Quality: VHSRip
Language: German
Subs: English (hardcoded)
Genre: Drama, Thriller

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