Night of Love AKA Tradita (1954) Mario Bonnard, Brigitte Bardot, Lucia Bosè, Pierre Cressoy

In 1915 Italy, in the Alberti family’s castle live the count’s widow and her slightly-crippled elder son Enrico, who seems to be at one with the Austrians who occupy and dominate the land. His younger brother Franco, a talented pianist, performs concerts all over the country. He is also one of the leaders of the resistance fighters. Polish opera singer Elisabeth is his devoted collaborator as well as his mistress. But during a visit to the castle he falls in love with an Austrian lieutenant’s niece and ward, Anne, and despite his brother’s disapproval and jealousy, he marries her. Then he joins the army that’s fighting the Austrians.

Also Known As (AKA): A Noite de Núpcias, Noite de Núpcias, Haine, amour et trahison, La notte delle nozze, Traicionada, Concert of Intrigue, Verrat


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Country: Italy, France
Genres: Drama

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