Mutiny at Fort Sharpe (1966) Fernando Cerchio, Broderick Crawford, Elisa Montés, Julio Peña

French soldiers accidentally cross over from Mexico into the US. In doing so they rescue a woman from an Indian raid and take her to Fort Sharp. After they arrive the fort is besieged by Indians. The French and American troops have to fight side by side under the orders of an unstable commander.

Also Known As (AKA): Por um Dolar Manchado de Sangue, Pour un dollar de gloire, Per un dollaro di gloria, El escuadrón de la muerte


File Name : Per.un.dollaro.di.gloria.1966.mkv
File Size : 1489.98 MB
Resolution : 928×392
Duration : 01:29:35

Quality: WEBRip
Language: English, Italian (2 tracks)
Genre: Western

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