Man from Deep River (1972) Umberto Lenzi, Ivan Rassimov, Me Me Lai, Prasitsak Singhara

A photographer on assignment in the rain forest is ambushed and held slave by a primitive tribe, until the chief’s daughter chooses him as her groom. After being initiated by various tortures, he becomes a part of the tribe and helps them against modern dangers and a cannibal tribe they’re at war with.

Also Known As (AKA): Il paese del sesso selvaggio, Mundo Canibal, Au pays de l’exorcisme, Mirage, No País dos Canibais, El país del sexo salvaje, Sacrifice!, Mondo cannibale


File Name : Man From Deep River 1972.mkv
File Size : 3664.92 MB
Resolution : 1686×720
Duration : 01:30:14

Quality: BRRip
Language: English, Italian, commentary (3 tracks)
Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Adventure, Horror

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