Illusion of Blood AKA Yotsuya kaidan (1965) Shirô Toyoda, Tatsuya Nakadai, Mariko Okada, Junko Ikeuchi

Illusion of Blood takes place in the mid-19th century and concerns a masterless samurai named Iuemon Tamiya (Tatsuya Nakadai) whose single-minded ambition to gain a fief leads him and those close to him to ruin. His troubles begin when he murders his father-in-law for forcing his pregnant wife Oiwa (Mariko Okada) to leave him due to his loss of position. After reuniting with his wife and child, an opportunity to marry into an influential family proves too much of a temptation and he gives Oiwa a poison provided by the equally devious mother of his bride-to-be. But instead of killing Oiwa, it only leaves her face horribly deformed. In a moment of revulsion and wickedness, Iuemon kills her and a young witness and nails their bodies to either side of a door. Iuemon is free to pursue his evil ambitions, but Oiwa’s vengeful spirit gives him no peace and this soon brings ruin to his new family and himself. A side story involves Iuemon’s slightly less-evil friend Gonbei Naosuke (Kanzaburo Nakamura). He lusts after Oiwa’s sister, kills her fiance on the same night that Iuemon kills her father, and he then marries her with the false promise of finding the killer. But since this is a morality play, he’s also doomed to get his comeuppance.

Also Known As (AKA): Maldição do Desejo, Yotsuya Ghost Story


File Name : Yotsuya.kaidan.AKA.Illusion.of.Blood.1965.mkv
File Size : 1499.99 MB
Resolution : 720×368 @ 854×368
Duration : 01:45:02

Quality: DVDRip
Language: Japanese
Subs: English, Russian (embedded)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror

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