Heimat 3: A Chronicle of Endings and Beginnings AKA Heimat 3 – Chronik einer Zeitenwende (2004) Edgar Reitz, Henry Arnold, Salome Kammer, Peter Schneider

Hermann Simon and Clarissa Lichtblau reunite after almost exactly 19 years when the Berlin Wall falls on November 9, 1989. They meet each other again by mere chance. Surrounded by celebrations, the former lovers bring each other up to date, and reestablish a relationship. Hermann has become a well known maestro and Clarissa, a respected singer, but both lead solitary lives. Clarissa takes Hermann back to his birthplace, Schabbach where he can revisit his brothers, Ernst and Anton, who stayed on there, and extended family and friends. Nearby on a hill, is the house of Clarissa’s dreams, a mansion in ruins. Another national party uniting Germany, the 1990 World Cup championship, marks the reconstruction of this mansion as the new home for the old/new couple. From then on, life in the Hunsrück region takes its course, with new inhabitants, old and new generations interacting.

Also Known As (AKA): Heimat 3 chronique d’une époque, Heimat 3 – Cronaca di una svolta epocale


File Name : Heimat.S03E01.2004.mkv
File Size : 1627.84 MB
Resolution : 720×572 @ 1024×572
Duration : 01:41:30

File Name : Heimat.S03E02.2004.mkv
File Size : 1468.29 MB
Resolution : 720×572 @ 1024×572
Duration : 01:35:43

File Name : Heimat.S03E03.2004.mkv
File Size : 1915.04 MB
Resolution : 720×572 @ 1024×572
Duration : 01:59:30

File Name : Heimat.S03E04.2004.mkv
File Size : 1681.88 MB
Resolution : 720×572 @ 1024×572
Duration : 02:06:22

File Name : Heimat.S03E05.2004.mkv
File Size : 1687.94 MB
Resolution : 718×572 @ 1022×572
Duration : 01:40:38

File Name : Heimat.S03E06.2004.mkv
File Size : 1544.03 MB
Resolution : 718×572 @ 1022×572
Duration : 01:50:04

Quality: DVDRip
Language: German
Subs: English (embedded)
Country: Germany, United Kingdom
Genres: Drama, History

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