El jinete sin cabeza / The Headless Rider (1957) Chano Urueta, Luis Aguilar, Flor Silvestre, Jaime Fernández, Horror, Western, Mystery

El jinete sin cabeza AKA The Headless Rider (1957)
A mute phantom hero takes on skull-masked killers, a disembodied living hand and a corpse that won’t stay in its grave. This is the first in a trilogy of horror/western hybrids that also includes the films La marca de Satanás (“The Mark of Satan”) and La cabeza de Pancho Villa (“The Head of Pancho Villa”).

El jinete sin cabeza AKA The Headless Rider (1957) 3

El jinete sin cabeza AKA The Headless Rider (1957) 2

El jinete sin cabeza AKA The Headless Rider (1957) 1


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Genre: Horror, Western, Mystery



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