Assault on Fort Texan AKA Gli eroi di Fort Worth (1965) Alberto De Martino, Edmund Purdom, Paul Piaget, Mónica Randall

During the Civil War, a group of confederate soldiers with the help of Apache Indians, try to defeat a Union fort, while trying to gain support from Emperor Maximillian of Mexico.

Also Known As (AKA): A Carga do 7o. de Cavalaria, L’assaut du Fort Texan, El séptimo de caballería, Charge of the Seventh Cavalry, Heroes of Fort Worth, Vergeltung am Wichita-Pass


File Name : El Septimo de Caballeria 1965.mkv
File Size : 1622.93 MB
Resolution : 720×576 @ 1024×576
Duration : 01:27:35

Quality: TVRip
Language: Spanish
Subs: English, Spanish (embedded)
Genre: Western

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